A distributed supercomputer powered by any device

ByteNite is a grid computing platform for compute-intensive applications, supported by the joint processing capacity of common computing devices like laptops, desktop computers, servers, and even smartphones and tablets.
Anyone with a compatible device can join ByteNIte's network and start earning money and rewards by performing small, distributed computations while their device is idle.
Users of the computing services can leverage the grid's power for specific application, including video encoding, 3D rendering, and AI inference, using our convenient no-code web platform, or our Jobs API.

ByteNite's flow

1. Build

Set the application and parameters

2. Split

Break down the data into pieces with a logic

3. Distribute

Assign and send tasks to available devices

4. Process

Every device executes the task and produces an output

5. Collect

Retrieve and verify each output

6. Merge

Join and package the validated outputs

Core ingredients


Tasks are replicated to increase the probability of success and minimize the job time


Every application is endowed with a fine-tuned partitioning logic


Devices pick tasks from specific pools on a first-come-first-served basis


Devices cannot query the server or read in-transit data. All tasks are encrypted and randomized.

Compute faster

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