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The most innovative grid computing system powered by common devices

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What is ByteNite?

Lend us your device’s power

Get extraordinary parallel speed

ByteNite believes in the potential of grid computing


The variety and geographical distribution of our user devices ensure a continuous and flexible supply of computing capacity.


The more devices are used together, the less time it takes to process your data.


We harness the current technology penetration, instead of building new infrastructure, to address the increasing computing demand.


All data from and to ByteNite system is encrypted and managed in isolated runtime environments.

Technology committed to environmental sustainability

Data centers are a drain

Today, it is estimated that from 1% to 2% of the global electricity demand comes only from data centers. That would be enough to power a city like New York for two years!

How can we limit the usage?

ByteNite’s pledge

ByteNite avoids high data centers costs and energy usage thanks to a new distribution model.

How we do it

We spare cooling costs and guarantee a second life to old devices.

Let’s do better

Companies spend


in Cloud IAAS (2022)

and use

190 TWh

for powering data centers

But there are


smart devices (2022)

that together could be


more energy-efficient than data centers

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