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Become a mini angel investor

July 3, 2023
Invest in ByteNite's WeFunder campaign. Get discounted stock, early app access, and exclusive perks. Join now!

ByteNite & Storj: Empowering Distributed Computing

May 22, 2023
Feature Release
Video Encoding
ByteNite teams up with Storj to revolutionize video encoding and storage with faster performance

ByteNite exhibits at NAB 2023

April 9, 2023
Video Engineering
ByteNite to exhibit at NAB 2023, the premier trade show in video streaming and broadcasting.
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Collaborative power for your tasks

ByteNite is a grid computing system for collaborative processing of CPU-intensive tasks.
We enhance media workflows such as video encoding, 3D rendering, and computer vision by providing a fault-tolerant, highly parallelized computing environment.

Unmatched value


By unlocking the potential of distributed processing, we accelerate your workflows, completing tasks that would typically take hours in just minutes.


By leveraging the idle computing capacity of common devices, we reduce the reliance on energy-intensive data centers, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.


Our platform allows individuals and businesses to participate in the computing economy. We make everyone better off, including our customers, with lower and more flexible prices.
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Leverage compute at scale

Use the power of a large distributed computing network as if it were a single computer. Experience the simplicity of a web app for launching and managing your jobs, or integrate our convenient API into your workflows.


ByteNite Worker

Unlock the potential of your device

Monetize the unused processing power of your devices by installing our secure app and contributing to distributed computations. Earn cash in your preferred currency while making the planet greener by reducing data center carbon footprint.

Compute faster

Discover the full potential of distributed computing