February 8, 2024

Fast-track video encoding with presets

Struggling to find the perfect video encoding parameters for your online publishing or archiving needs? ByteNite has you covered! Introducing our latest feature release: a comprehensive set of presets for your video encoding jobs. These ready-made settings simplify the encoding process, transforming it from a time-consuming task into a quick, 30-second selection process. Choose your video, pick an encoding template, and launch your job effortlessly.

Discover what we've prepared for you.

Creator presets

Optimized for high-quality video distribution across platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, our Creator presets are ideal for content creators. Whether you're editing in Premiere Pro or sharing videos directly from your camera roll, using ByteNite's Creator presets ensures your uploads meet streaming services' quality requirements without exceeding size limits. These presets leverage H.264 video encoding and AAC stereo audio in an MP4 container for optimal quality and efficiency.

Social presets

Managing social media content for a platform or creating it yourself? Our Social presets offer the best encoding options for social media publication, ensuring your videos are perfectly optimized for mobile streaming under various network conditions. Like the Creator presets, these also utilize H.264 video encoding and AAC audio in an MP4 container, guaranteeing high compatibility across devices and platforms.

High-quality archiving presets

Are you tired of your cloud or computer being cluttered with video files that only make an appearance during your Thanksgiving dinner? Our High-Quality Archiving presets offer the perfect solution. By utilizing advanced codecs such as AV1 and H.265, these presets empower you to slash video file sizes by half or even two-thirds without compromising quality. Encoding with these presets is generally slower and more expensive, but the long-term storage savings are definitely bigger. This way you can store your 48-hour 4K documentary of your trip to Hawaii without investing in a whole data center!

Device-compatible presets

Ensure your videos play flawlessly on Android or Apple devices with our Device Compatibility presets. These settings are designed to eliminate playback issues, creating optimized video versions for specific device models. These presets use H.264/H.265 video encoding and AAC/AC3 audio, packaged in an MP4 container.

HLS streaming presets

Managing a video streaming platform? We got you covered as well. Use our H.264 or H.265 HLS encoding ladders to get the most out of your video player. Choose the resolutions, build your manifest, and ensure maximum compatibility and playability across devices and platforms!

How to use video encoding presets with ByteNite

Using presets is very simple on ByteNite. Take a look at this short demo to learn how to:

To learn more, you can explore our Video Encoding Presets guide on our documentation. 

When you’re ready, sign up for ByteNite and connect your workflows! Feel free to write to us for any help with your app or integration.


Fabio Caironi




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