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Log into our SaaS platform directly from your web browser and start outsourcing your video transcoding workflows to us. Manage your encodings and pay only what you use.

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With us you can speed up your encoding queues up to 20 times real time playback.


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Enjoy our different performance options and choose the one that better meets your needs.

Abandon classic cloud computing

The oligopoly of cloud computing is set to an end: too much customers’ worth is wasted in high cloud providers’ fees and too much energy is used to cool server plants. Today, the penetration and distribution of computers and smart devices allows us to do much better.

30 billion kg

Kg of CO2 produced in one year to cool down data centers.


Average markup of cloud services.

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Video Encoding API

  • 1:35 – Transcoding to AVC 480p in Constant Quality
  • 8:48 – Transcoding to HEVC FHD in Variable Bitrate
  • 10:45 – Transcoding to a 5-resolution ladder in AVC
  • 13:02 – Results & Discussion
  • 6:04 – Distributed Computing Backend

Pay only for what you encode

No commitment, no hassle. Pay as little as 1 cent to distribute your video workload over hundreds of trusted devices.

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Supported features

Updated: April 2023


How is ByteNite different from other SaaS encoders?

ByteNite is up to 10x faster than competitor services, while still maintaining affordability. Our technological advantage is a new chunk-based encoding system coupled with advanced grid computing technology and hardware. You can check out our performance tests for more information on this.

In addition, we neither use cloud servers as a primary source of computing power nor purpose-built server farms. As a consequence, we can spare almost 37% of the energy consumption for video encoding, making us a sustainable computing alternative.

How does distributed encoding work?

We do encoding on a grid computing system using multiple devices running an FFmpeg Python implementation. As the video is uploaded from the source, every device gets a 10-15 second chunk of the video and encodes it independently and simultaneously.


The resulting overall performance is much faster than standard cloud encoding, all encoding parameters being equal.

What codecs and settings do you offer?

We support the most popular codecs and encoding settings for both input and output. These include the AVC encoder, the HEVC encoder, HLS packaging, resolution scaling filter, three bitrate control modes, cloud storage options, and multiple output support. For a comprehensive list of our supported features, please refer to the dedicated section.


We are continuously working to expand our feature list, and we will publish new rollouts as they become available. You can easily access all the available features in the "New Job" wizard, where you can configure the parameters and start encoding jobs.

Is using ByteNite safe?

Yes, using ByteNite is as safe as using other cloud computing services. 


ByteNite is a centralized, collaborative computing system built with up-to-date secure technologies. Our system relies on robust cloud security protocols, and all data coming to and from our platform is encrypted. In addition, unlike some decentralized computing solutions, ByteNite's workers must provide their personal information and comply with our terms of usage before using the platform. This requirement incentivizes the correct usage of our software.

Is my data kept private?

Your video needs to be shared with an undefined number of devices located in different regions to be processed by our distributed network. Our algorithm ensures that each device receives only a small portion of your video (typically 10-15 seconds) and keeps it for just as long as it's needed for encoding. No customer data other than the video chunks is shared with the worker devices.


We adopt a strict security policy to prevent devices from misbehaving and gaining illegitimate access to your video's portion. We regularly conduct audits on the worker devices to ensure that your data is always secure. Nonetheless, there is always a small chance that a device may escape our routine controls and access a portion of your video. For more information on our data privacy policies, please read our Terms and Conditions.


ByteNite can also run all your work on a subnetwork composed solely of your devices/servers. To request this customization, please send us an email at support@bytenite.com, specifying the project's scope and size.


Finally, we are working to provide an additional "Trusted" subnetwork with an enhanced layer of security through manual node verification. We will provide more information as soon as we release it on the platform.

What are ByteChips, and how do they work?

ByteChips are the currency of ByteNite. They are utility tokens that can be purchased and spent within the apps, but cannot be traded as actual currency. 2 ByteChips correspond to USD 0.01.

You can purchase ByteChips through the “top up” button on the Wallet page of the Computing Platform. The cost of encoding video varies depending on the encoding parameters, but 4,000 ByteChips will buy users roughly 2,000 minutes (33 hours) of H.264 SD encoding.

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