We power the planet

We believe in cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious technologies to help fight the global climate crisis.

Servers don’t serve the planet

190 TWh

Global data center
energy demand


Average share of data
centers electricity
consumption in IT equipment

33M tons

CO2 emissions for artificial 
cooling in server farms

ByteNite pollutes less

We save 37% energy relative to data centers. How much is it?
We don’t power any non-IT equipment

All the heat generated by processors in ByteNite’s network is naturally dissipated, thanks to the inherent geographical dispersion of our users’ computing devices. Consequently, unlike server farms, we don’t need to install and operate cooling systems, which account for more than one third of the data centers electricity usage.

Aiming to serve just 1% of the global cloud computing market:

703 GWh

ByteNite’s potential energy savings

Equivalent energy generated by


Wind turbines running for a year

500 mln kg

ByteNite’s potentially avoided CO2 emissions

Carbon sequestered by


Acres of forest in one year

Electronic waste is polluting the world we live in

So-called e-waste from products such as old computers, printers, mobile phones, pagers, digital photo and music devices, refrigerators, toys and televisions, are set to rise sharply in tandem with growth in sales in countries like China and India and in Africa and Latin America over the next 10 years

United Nations News


Share of small IT equipment such as personal computers and smartphones in e-waste

57.4 mln

Metric tonnes of e-waste produced every year

Metals and chemicals contained in e-waste:

Lead, silver, mercury, cadmium, palladium, dioxins, brominated flame retardants, gold.

We reuse 7% e-waste.
How many “thanks” from
the environment?


Tonnes of potentially recycled e-waste. Nature will thank you 40,000 times!

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grid computing?

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