Premium-Quality Software for Grid Computing

Efficient and scalable distributed computing solutions for high-throughput applications

Computing Platform

A software-as-a-service platform accessible through a web interface and an API, exposing ready-made high-throughput computing applications, like video encoding (2022 release), 3D rendering, and machine learning. As a user of the platform, you can configure, submit, and pay for encoding jobs, as well as upload and download videos (inputs and outputs), and view the job history, jobs states, and summary usage. You can automate the execution of your jobs via recurring tasks and automation pipelines.

Core System

The core middleware, or backend layer, responsible for managing, scheduling, retrieving, transforming, transitioning, sending, organizing, and validating the users’ computational jobs. It stores and makes accessible the users’ and workers’ data, including job history, activity, wallet balances, and device info. It also generates quotes, collects users’ payments, and distributes rewards to workers. The system implements and generalizes a grid computing scheduler that can support any type of distributed application.
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Worker App

Software that runs on workers’ devices and enables them to receive, queue up, process, send back, and clear up computing tasks, according to programs shipped with each task and running inside the App. The Worker App also makes available the summary of completed tasks and their credits; hence, it allows workers to redeem their credits by converting them into several forms of reward, including cash.

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