We make computing fast, affordable, and viable.

Distribute video encoding at 20x speed.

What is ByteNite?

ByteNite is a grid computing system for high-throughput applications powered by anyone’s computers and smartphones. We enhance applications like video encoding, 3D rendering, and computer vision with a fast and fault-tolerant distributed computing environment.

Embrace the future of computing

Public Grid

Leverage the power of a large distributed computing network to get your high-throughput computing jobs done faster. Experience the simplicity of a web app for launching and managing your jobs, or integrate our convenient Jobs API in your workflows.

Public Grid

Take advantage of the unused computing power of your desktop or Android devices by installing an App that processes our users' data in the background. Accrue ByteChips and convert them into cash and rewards while joining a secure and sustainable network.

Private Grid

Install a private reproduction of our grid computing software with the entire product stack in your systems. Use your hardware assets like employees' computers or your production servers to deploy distributed applications and save on outsourcing costs while keeping all data safe.

The power of grid computing

The diversification and geographical distribution of the grid’s devices ensure a flexible and unboudedly scalable supply of computing capacity.
The more devices are used together, the less time it takes to process partitioned data.
Grids harness the technology penetration, instead of requiring new hardware, to address the increasing demand for computing capacity.
Fragmentation and encryption are at the core of modern grid computing systems, which inherit the cloud’s most advanced protocols.

Technology committed to environmental sustainability

Data centers are a drain

Today, it is estimated that from 1% to 2% of the globalΒ electricity demand comes only from data centers. That would be enough to power two cities like New York!
How can we limit the usage?

ByteNite's pledge

ByteNite beats data centers on energy usage and costs by optimizing the sourcing of hardware.

How we do it

Unlike server farms, we don’t use or incentivize artificial cooling. Plus, we give a second life to old devices.
Companies spend
in Cloud IaaS*
resulting in an energy usage of
190 TWh
for powering data centers*
There are
computers and smartphones*
that could jointly save
of the data center energy
*2022 data. Source: Gartner
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