The first viable distributed supercomputer

A data processing platform based on the aggregate computing capacity of common devices, instead of server farms.

ByteNite is a marketplace of computing services supported by a patent-pending distribution algorithm. Anyone with a compatible device can join ByteNite’s network and start earning money and rewards by performing little computations in background.

Customers can use our no-code web platform and API to deploy their processing jobs on the grid and have them run in a distributed and fast way on our trusted nodes, or on their own machines. Specific services include video encoding, 3D rendering, and machine learning.

The power of innovation


The large number of devices in ByteNite’s grid, their hardware diversification, geographical distribution and heterogeneous connectivity allow and guarantee a flexible provisioning of computing resources.


The simplification of our computing services through an exceptional UX, plus the existence of an optimal delivering pipeline, make the whole process from data upload to output download extraordinarily agile, by shrinking the time for intermediate operations.


Parallel processing gets faster as more computing nodes are involved. Such a feature makes our solution competitive and preferable to classic cloud and on-premise computing for various use cases.


Any processing task deployed to a public network can potentially disclose sensitive or secret information to malicious subjects. Therefore, in addition to securing the data against disclosure and corruption with the most advanced protection techniques, ByteNite system is designed to encapsulate the data and the executables sent to the devices inside isolated runtime environments that are shipped with the user application, which acts as a black box and ensures illegibility of data on behalf of the users.

Devices in action


May 2021

Foundation (Italy)

ByteNite project is kicked off by inventor Fabio Caironi an entrepreneur Raffaele Di Crosta

January 2022

A working PoC of the distributed video transcoding application is available for white-box testing

February 2022

Incorporation (USA)

ByteNite Inc. is established with offices in San Francisco

Q4 2022

Beta testing

First users and customers are invited for exclusive early usage of the system

May 2021

Foundation (Italy)

ByteNite project is kicked off by inventor Fabio Caironi and entrepreneur Raffaele Di Crosta

January 2022

Demo version

A working PoC is available for white-box testing of video transcoding

February 2022

Incorporation (USA)

ByteNite Inc., a Delaware C-Corp, is established with offices in San Francisco

Q4 2022

Beta testing

First users and customers are invited for exclusive usage of the system



Fabio Caironi

CEO & Founder

Niccolò Castelli


Lauren Glazer

Marketing Specialist

Florin Varga

Backend Developer

Yasiru Amarasinghe

Android Developer

Paolo Privitera


Raffaele Di Crosta

Board Member & Investor

Giorgio Finaurini

Board Member

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