Full Video Encoding Platform Demo

We are pleased to announce the release of a demonstration video of our video encoding SaaS platform, ByteNite Computing Platform, highlighting our video encoding service, ByteNite Distributed Video Encoding.
Here is the demo video (February 2023):

Our platform utilizes a fast and fault-tolerant grid computing system, offering a streamlined solution for video production workflows through fast and reliable online video encoding. In the demonstration, we have shown to be almost three times faster than AWS MediaConvert, a well-known cloud encoder.

The platform is now available for anyone to access at app.bytenite.com. As a promotion, we are offering 2000 free minutes for those who sign up in the month of February. This is a great opportunity for video engineers to evaluate the platform and see how it can aid in managing high video volumes and streamlining the video production process for their companies.

Write us for any inquiries at info@bytenite.com.

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