ByteNite Launches Beta

After releasing an Alpha version last month, ByteNite officially launched a Beta version of their encoding platform this Wednesday. As a two sided “marketplace” startup, the launch of a desktop platform for customers is the first step in their plan to become the world’s fastest virtual supercomputer. The new platform caters to businesses and individuals who want to encode video remotely through the cloud. In addition to being many times faster than competitors, ByteNite’s new platform is also more affordable. Unlike competitors, it has a pay-per-use pricing model and does not require a monthly subscription. Encoding a video starts as low as 1 cent per minute, and varies depending on the codec.

ByteNite is currently processing orders through privately owned cloud computers. When a user uploads a video and completes a job, they buy computing power from these remote machines. The next planned roll out for the future includes powering the platform with user devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

Live Event

Founder and CEO Fabio Caironi will demonstrate how to use the platform during a live event on Monday, January 10 at 10 am PST. The digital webinar is free to attend, but will be capped at a maximum of 100 participants. Caironi plans to run three experiments and answer questions from a live digital audience. CTO Niccolo Castelli, based in Milan, will co-host the chat to answer technical questions about the platform. For those who aren’t able to attend, or who want to review the session at a later date, a recording will be posted to Youtube.

Click here to view the live event page

To celebrate the beta launch, ByteNite is holding a raffle. Enter your information through this form to win a ByteNite Carhartt hat or T-shirt:


New Business Discount

Select new businesses (and some individuals) are eligible to receive 4,000 free ByteNite credits, which equates to 2,000 minutes of video. Anyone who is interested can send a request to

Advantage of ByteNite Over Competitors

Founder Fabio Caironi officially began working on ByteNite in April of 2021. By September,  CTO Niccolo Castelli joined the team to build the platform. Florin Varga, Yasiru Amarasinghe, and Lauren Glazer joined thereafter. The power of parallel processing is what makes ByteNite 2-10x faster than competitors on the market. The work of encoding is divided into “chunks” that can be processed simultaneously, allowing computers to work at optimal speeds.. Because it takes time upfront to divide a video into chunks, ByteNite has an advantage when tasked with processing longer videos. Additionally, ByteNite costs on average 20 – 30% less than similar services.

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