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Howdy folks!
The alpha version of ByteNite’s platform for video encoding has been released and is available upon request at

The platform is accessible from common web browsers. It features most functionalities of the full release. The wallet page is used to top-up your ByteNite account via Stripe and see your invoices. The encoding page lets you configure, send, monitor, retrieve, and organize your encoding jobs.

In this video, you’ll find a brief overview of the New Job wizard. It guides you through the procedure of setting the encoding job parameters, including the input and output locations.

The New Job wizard includes four steps (please note, the following is not an official documentation):

  1. Input
    Here you can specify a Source (Public/Signed URL), and Destination (Temporary storage). In a next release, cloud storage will be implemented both for Source and Destination.

  2. Template
    Only unpackaged files. In the future, HLS, DASH and CMAF packaging will be implemented. Also, several templates with pre-defined output configurations will be provided and users will be able to add their custom ones.

  3. Outputs
    Most encoding options are found here. You can add multiple outputs for every input file (Add Output button in the bottom right corner).
    • Container: MP4, MKV, WebM
    • Aspect tab:
      • Cropping: percentage from the borders
      • Orientation: flip and rotation
      • Resolution: common heights, or custom
      • Aspect Ratio: common aspect ratios, or custom
      • Padding: fill to fit a final aspect ratio
    • Video tab:
      • Codec: H264 (AVC), H265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9, AV1. A next release will feature LCEVC-H.264 and LCEVC-H.265.
      • Frame Rate: common rates, or custom. Three up-conversion modes.
      • Bitrate Control: Constant Quality (CRF), Variable bitrate (VBR), Constant Bitrate (CBR).
    • Audio tab:
      • Codec: AAC, AC3, MP3
      • Channels: common channels
      • Sample Rate: common sample rates, or custom
      • Bitrate: common audio bitrates, or custom
    • Filters tab: filters will be added in a next release.

  4. Review
    Page where you can review your encoding parameters and choose a processing level or performance:
    • Low: targets a small number of mostly low-performance devices (saves money)
    • Balanced: targets a proportionate number of available devices (standard pricing)
    • High: targets a larger number of devices with a higher processing performance (higher price)
      In addition, you can choose to turn on Trusted Processing:
    • Trusted Processing On: your data is processed only by manually verified machines, or ByteNite’s own nodes (higher price)
    • Trusted Processing Off: any device in ByteNite’s grid can process your data.
      Please note that the two features above still need improvement and may not work as expected in this alpha release.

Don’t forget to mention us to any video maker/engineer in search of a cloud encoding platform!

Stay tuned for new updates.

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