10 Money-Making Apps for Android

Whether you’re getting a discount on your bill, playing a game, or even renting your computing power, there are many ways to earn money with an app. They’re free to download and usually offer payment in the form of gift cards, prizes, or cash payments through a PayPal or Stripe account. Some focus on receiving discounts on items that have already been purchased, while others ask users to complete tasks like filling out surveys and taking pictures. We’ve divided the most promising cash apps into four broad categories: Cash Back Apps, Task Apps, Game Apps, and Passive Income Apps. Without further ado, here are ten great Android apps that can help you earn some extra cash:

The Cash Back Apps

1. Ibotta


The ibotta app is a great way to earn cash back on your everyday purchases like groceries or clothes. Simply download the app on Google Play and create an account. Scrolling through the app, you’ll notice a wide variety of deals ranging from groceries to laptop computers. When you make a qualifying purchase at a participating store, take a photo of your receipt and submit it through the app. You’ll instantly earn cash back, which can be deposited into your PayPal account or redeemed for gift cards.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is a smartphone app that gives users cashback on groceries and other retail purchases. It’s similar to Ibotta, but has an edge in the online shopping department. The app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices. Shoppers can link loyalty cards or store loyalty programs to their Rakuten account. Once linked, shoppers browse offers and choose the ones they want to redeem. After shopping, users simply scan their receipt and submit it for verification, and cash is deposited into their Rakuten account within 48 hours. Cash back offers often range from 2-15% of the retail price.

3. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 works like other cashback apps, but it really shines with the addition of redeemable rewards for gas (up to 25¢ per gallon). Checkout 51 can be used at Chevron, Shell, BP, and Exxon stations. Unlike ibotta, it allows you to shop by the item rather than through a specific store, and to redeem receipts for digital items as well as physical ones. The downside of Checkout 51 is that payments are through mailed checks, and the threshold for cashing out is $20 (typical of many cashback apps).

The Task Apps

4. Field Agent


If you’ve ever wanted to be a spy, Field Agent is an app that lets you “mystery shop”. Users secretly gather information about retail stores, and can regularly earn up to $15 per hour taking photos and answering questions. Field Agent sends the precious intel to major retailers who want to measure the quality of their own customer service and improve product marketing.

5. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is another app that pays you to shop at the stores you already visit. It’s similar to Field Agent, but tasks tend to be a bit more involved, such as product testing.  Like the other task apps, major companies rely on Gigwalkers to gather information about their own products through crowdsourcing. An example task might be taking pictures of paper towels in a grocery store to capture their inventory of paper goods. Gigs can pay anywhere from $5-$10 per job.

6. EasyShift

EasyShift pays users to shop, eat, and explore their city. Tasks are similar to other “secret shopping” apps and include price checking, photography, and reviewing promotions. “Most manufacturers, most food companies, or health and beauty companies simply don’t have the manpower to be in all the stores that we can be in,” says David Gottlieb, president of EasyShift. A typical assignment might involve taking pictures of all the milk in a grocery store. The only catch is that it rewards users through gift cards, rather than cash.

7. Swagbucks

Many task apps require you to visit stores, but Swagbucks lets you work from home. Earn points (called “SB”) by completing assignments like downloading and completing surveys, watching videos, and even online shopping. Possible work includes watching superbowl ads, sharing political opinions, and giving feedback on company slogans. Once you’ve racked up enough points, redeem them for gift cards from your favorite retailers or through PayPal for cash.

The Game Apps

8. Mistplay App

The Mistplay App allows you to earn rewards by playing mobile games. You can search the app to find new games to play, as well as track your progress and achievements in each game. The app also lets you connect with other players, share tips and tricks, and compete in challenges. From puzzle games to strategy games, Mistplay is constantly adding new options to keep you on your toes. Redeem your points for gift cards, gaming accessories, and more.

9. Solitaire Cube

Vegas isn’t the only place to earn money by being good with cards. Solitaire Cube is a fun, free, and addictive smartphone app available for Android. The game of Solitaire is simple: match cards of the same value, and clear all the cards from the board to earn points. The more points you earn, the more money you make. Each game is only 2 minutes long, and there is even the option to compete with other players in tournaments. Best of all, you can redeem your rewards through your PayPal account, and there is no minimum amount required to withdraw. 

The Passive Income App

10. ByteNite

It should come as no surprise that we made our own list. ByteNite is currently in Alpha testing and will soon be available for Android users. This app “rents” computing power on your phone, tablet, or computer. It can run in the background while you play games, surf the web, or text friends. It’s even possible to set ByteNite to two different “modes” to preserve battery power. Users who earn a minimum number of “ByteChips” exchange them for money or cash. A major advantage to ByteNite over other apps is that it can be used on the older devices that sit in your drawer, so you might just earn $100 dollars per month for doing absolutely nothing.

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